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My Experience with a Corn Allergies

Where do I start? I suppose it's because of my son that I finally realized we were allergic to corn and what it was doing to us. My son always had ear nose throat problems. He couldn't breathe well; he always had a stuffy or runny nose with a lot of goop. I took him to doctors who gave him medicine that didn't help (had corn in it). He even had his adenoids and tonsils removed and also had tubes put in his ears. Nothing helped.

I started to mentally catalog when his nose was really stuffy. After he ate, it was always terrible. he couldn't breathe well, his eyes would get tired and droopy and he would go into a bit of a stupor.

I started to take him off of high fructose corn syrup because I crossed it with the only common ingredient in so many things that he reacted to. It was only the beginning of learning about corn allergies.

Over time, I realized it was all corn and corn derived products. Practically everything has corn in it. Fast food, bread, salt, soaps, toothpaste, everything!

I started to take myself off of corn recalling having had an allergy test and knowing I was allergic to so many things, one of which was corn. I am sorry to say, I didn't do much about it then, because I thought my only choice was allergy shots and I thought I could just eliminate corn on the cob. Boy, was I wrong.

So, now my son and I are corn free. We are still getting used to it. We are still making some mistakes. We are getting better though. My son's nose is really improved. My ankle swelling is down and I can walk without pain again. It's like a miracle. It's the miracle I had prayed for.

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